Welcome to the world of DJs and shake hands with the “maître de ce monde” – master of this world - DJ Tejas !!! A self-made success icon frequently embossed on “Page 3” of various newspapers, DJ Tejas is a charming music-magician with a very absorbing history of how he came to be a DJ : To begin with, he started playing with editing-softwares. As he got amused with these empirical ventures, he initially developed about 50 numbers and started distributing them in private parties. Then his thirst engraved and he took this domain more seriously. He brought home some music production softwares and later started learning by himself and practising through renting equipments from other DJs. This lasted for about an year while he mastered his hand on many different skills. He pitched in with college functions such as fashion shows and fresher’s parties which made him popular tout de suite! Then began the real journey where he followed a 6 months’ formation in Delhi and succeeded in making 10 of the most played DJ titles in India… once on road, his “sawari” doesn’t break… and it’s the same way in his parties where we just don’t stop banging. DJ Tejas is a music-machine : you name it and he produces it out of his “potali DJki” - Bollywood, Pop, House, Psy-chill, Lounge, Asian underground and what not… His music becomes food for both heart and soul. His masterpieces are always boomed “once more” in the popular clubs of the UK, USA, Dubai and India.

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